Welcome to Prudential Healthcare Systems. Our team is committed to providing solutions to  Laboratories, Physicians and Medical Facilities nation wide. PHCS has created a one stop solution for all Laboratory samples.

Available Tests

  • Toxicology
  • Molecular
  • Blood
  • Allergy
  • DNA
  • Genetic


  • Full Service Laboratory
  • Lab To Lab Deals
  • Cash Pay Testing
  • Hospital Billing
  • Medicare/ Medicaid
  • 24/7 Support
  • Testing in ALL states


  • PPO
  • Out Of Network
  • In Network
  • All Commercial
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

We have it all with easy set up and complete transparency

PHCS Services

PHCS has created the seamless and transparent solution  for all Laboratories, Physicians and Medical facilities. From account inception, account set up, we have the solution under one roof…  

Our Laboratory Network

Prudential Healthcare Systems has partnered up with Laboratories and Hospitals across the nation in order to provide the best technology and fastest results for all your testing needs. PHCS can accomodate anywhere from 100 samples to 100,000 samples at any given time….

The Process

PHCS has streamlined the implementation process in order to accommodate our sales team as well as their clients. With our process we can have the accounts able to send samples within 5-7 days. And depending on what sample , results within 24-48-72 hours. 


Client Satisfaction, Quick Result Time frame, and 100% Billing Transparency